Want to transform your body?

But struggling to get started?

Work 1-1 with me to build habits that will get the results you desire.

All I need is a few details from you and we can get to work. Fill out this Online coaching application 

This service includes…

A full year of phase and goal planning for you to keep so you know exactly what to do to get to where you want to go

Bespoke training and nutrition plans, I set yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals designed to build habits that will develop your mind and body

Unlimited WhatsApp access

Weekly check-ins and bio feedback tracking

Training and nutrition updates as and when needed for optimal results

Supplement recommendations based on your goals and needs

During the check ins, I will look deep into your bio feedback and actually teach you why and how we are making adjustments to continue to progress.

And the best bit, I am there to assist with everything until you have the knowledge, habits and confidence that will allow you to make progress for years to come. 

Why work with me?

I have been exactly where you are!

So, what about INTENT coaching is better than other coaching services available?

That’s a fair question and the difference is. I have been where you are, I have grown substantial amounts muscle and achieved low body fat percentages. I am also still making progress and working towards developing myield both physically and mentally every single day, just like you.

Utilising the outline of the INTENT coaching system I have not only helped my clients reach their goal, but helped fortify habits that have enabled them to make progress even after they have completed our programs. Working with so many different people enables me to see first hand that not the same approach works for everyone and we are able to find the best strategy for each individual so that they can make progress without creating a restrictive lifestyle and mindset.

In other words, I know what you need to be doing right now to achieve the result you desire!


So how does it work?

 INTENT online coaching is for people interested in progress, personal development and self mastery.

Once you have filled in your coaching application. I will be in touch to arrange a free no obligation consultation call where we will plan your goals and phases. Even if you don’t decide to go ahead with coaching. You’ll come away knowing what you need to do. You will be asked to email current physique pictures before your consultation so that we can prepare the phase planning.

You will have your plans within 7 days of making your payment for coaching.



 How Do Payments Work?

All coaching packages are one off payments. I offer an honest service that generates repeatable results over and over. I do not want anyone feeling trapped.

How Do I Cancel?

If you decide that you have learned enough and want to continue on your own. There will be nothing to cancel as this is a one off payment. 

How long Does Coaching Last?

I do advise to sign up for at least 12 weeks as results require time, effort and consistency. But I do have clients that come on board for 4 weeks and then feel that they have enough knowledge to continue by themselves following the 1 year phase roadmap that I have provided. 

Can I Stay On Longer Than 12 Weeks?

INTENT coaching is an on-going service. If you would like to stay on board longer and continue to grow with me then I can assist with this.